Recent Projects

Gas Line Replacement Poway, California

There was a gas leak coming from the meter to the house. San Diego Gas and Electric shut off the gas meter. We replaced the entire gas line, inch and…


Water Leak Repair in Chula Vista, California

Emergency leak in water main line. The city of Chula Vista told our customer they had a water leak in the main line. We were called out for emergency service,…


Sewer Main Line Replacement in National City, California

Called out for sewer water in front of the property. We camera inspected drain line and found that the entire length of the drain line was cracked and split down…


Clean Out Installation, Linda Vista, California

Customer needed a direct access to the sewer main line in order to properly service and maintain the drain system. We located the sewer main line using our equipment, dug…


Septic Tank Replacement in Poway, California

Customer was experiencing continuous problems with their sewer system backing up. Our technician inspected the existing septic system and showed the customer that the current tank as well as the…


Tankless Water Heater Installation in San Diego, California

Our customer had a tank type water heater, 40 gallon, that was leaking. The tank needed to be replaced. Since our customer lives in an apartment he asked about installing…


Slab Leak In Repair Clairemont, California

Customer called saying he had a bad leak under the slab. We had our team of leak detection experts come out and locate were the problem was. After we detected…


Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement in Chula Vista

Replaced approximately 65 feet of sewer main line starting at the back of the property all the way to the front of the property. Pipe was replaced under the slab…


Drain Repair Spring Valley, California

We have repaired the drain line in customer's home in Spring Valley, California


commercial projects

Recent projects completed by Plumbers in San Diego.

Commercial Re-piping San Diego California

Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing Services responded to an emergency commercial call where the drains were backing up in all four bathrooms in a commercial […]


Gas Main Line Installation Carlsbad, California

Blue Planet Drains and Plumbing responded to emergency call service for a gas leak in Carlsbad, California. One of their gas lines had a major […]


Sewer Line Repair San Marcos, California

Blue planet Drains & Plumbing Services responded to a call for a repair sewer main drain on a September 23, 2015, for North county Health […]

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