San Diego County Gas Line Repiping Services

Gas is one of the most effective sources of heating throughout America. While being a highly efficient heating source, gas lines are very durable and often last for decades. However, if a gas line problem does occur, it is always necessary to get it fixed as soon as possible due to the danger that gas presents. Gas line repiping is a specialty of Blue Planet Drain & Plumbing. We have plumbers with decades of experience in proper gas line installation and replacement.

Dangers of Faulty Gas Lines

Gas leaks present two major types of health hazards. First, gas leaks can cause extremely volatile fires to occur with a simple spark. In a matter of seconds, gas can spread throughout an area and combust resulting in serious injuries and death. If you ever smell gas in your home or business, turn off your gas line and call a professional for help. Secondly, if large amounts of gas is inhaled, it can result in asphyxia or death. This can be especially dangerous if the gas is leaked when one is asleep.

Why Use A Professional For Repiping

In lieu of the above hazards, it is best to hire a professional with a gas line repipe. Additionally, a professional understands material tolerances and building codes mandated by state and local ordinances. Blue Planet Drain & Plumbing follows the strict standards required for gas line repipe jobs to ensure the safety of our customers. We always double check our work to verify that the line is completely secure.

Don’t take chances with a gas line repipe. The costs of not using a professional is not worth the risks involved. If you have questions about a gas repipe, give us a call. Blue Planet is fully licensed by the California Contractors State License Board and is an A+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau.