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Electronic Leak Detection Services in San Diego County

San Diego Leak Detection and Slab Leak Repair by Blue Planet Drains and Plumbing If you suspect a leak in your property before you try any costly repairs you should contact our San Diego leak detection, experts. Our Master Plumbers are experts at finding leaks in walls, ceilings and in slabs. Using the latest leak detection equipment we will locate all the leaks in your home or business without damaging your property. We use electronic leak detection for locating leaks on underground water lines.

Water leaks can result in mold, water damage, structural damage, and odors. High utility bills are usually a good indication that you might have an underground leak. It is imperative to have a professional, licensed leak detection specialist to assess the damage and locate the leak so it does not end up in costly repairs.
Think you may have a leak but you can’t seem to find a sign of moisture anywhere?  Is your water bill higher than normal and you can’t figure out why?  Or are you finding water spots that are not around any visible leaking pipes?  Most likely, you have a water leak that is in a hidden area.  Finding it could be costly.  Before you cut into walls or break up concrete, give Blue Planet a call.  We have better solutions.

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The Problems of Hidden Leaks

Water leaks can be caused by settling or shifting ground (not necessarily an earthquake), corrosion,  poor installation… or simply age for soft copper pipes, galvanized steel pipes, or older types of sewer lines.  Even a tiny leak in your home usually leads to water stains at the very least, and more commonly you’ll experience mold, drywall swelling and disintegrating, and wood warping and rotting.  All that can remain hidden for months.  If it’s in a sewer line, add odors and health hazards to the list.  Plus termites and ants are likely to take advantage of the situation.

Symptoms range from the obvious to the hardly noticeable, so here’s a list of things to be on the lookout for.

  • The sound of running water or the hiss of it escaping from a pipe is an emergency alert.  Shut off your water main to prevent flooding!
  • Wet, soggy, or extra-green areas outdoors.
  • Mold or water stains.
  • Damp or warm areas.
  • The water heater cycling on more frequently even with no use.
  • A drop in water pressure.
  • An unexplained increase in usage on your water bill.

Any of these suggest that it’s time for professional electronic leak detection services.

Do I Really Have a Problem?

Your local utility should have instructions on reading your water meter to check if you have a problem.  For San Diego you can find it at https://www.sandiego.gov/water/gen-info/emergencies/leaks/checking.  That should catch most leaks — the longer you wait between meter readings the more accurate the check.  But you still won’t know where the problem is.

Professional Water Leak Detection Methods

With professional services, there’s no guessing.  You’ll either know for sure there’s nothing to worry about or know the exact location of any problem.  Whenever possible we’ll use completely non-invasive electronic leak detection methods.  That means no unnecessary digging in your yard nor holes in your walls, floors, or ceilings.

Our detection services begin with a visual inspection and a sensitive pressure test.  If there is indeed an irrigation, water, or sewer line problem our experts with top of the line equipment will track it down using any of several methods at our disposal.  Most likely we’ll begin by attaching a transmitter to your plumbing and use a receiver to trace out plumbing lines.  We may empty and then pressurize pipes with a gas such as carbon dioxide.  Using ultrasonic sensors to pick up the inaudible hiss of escaping gas will home in on the location, even on deep or highly insulated pipes.  Moisture meters and IR (infrared) thermal imaging often let us zero in on a location in just minutes.

Slab Leak Detection

Most residential and low-rise commercial buildings in Southern California have slab-on-grade foundations.  It’s even more difficult for the average homeowner to notice that they have a problem when plumbing is underneath carpet or other flooring and several inches of concrete.  Yet slab leaks can eventually lead to enough erosion to cause floor sinking, cracks in walls and ceilings, and structural damage.  So our concrete leak detection services often mean big savings in avoided repairs.  Slab leak repairs sometimes involve jackhammering through the concrete, so beyond detection, you’ll want our accurate location to minimize disruption and restoration costs.

Underground Leak Detection

For underground leak detection, we rely more on moisture measurements and other electronic meters.  That includes electromagnetic instruments that work much like metal detectors, sensing the effects of the electrical conductivity of the damp soil.  Our in-pipe video cameras also include transmitters that let us know exactly where they are when we spot pipe damage.  So in addition to tracking down leaks, our plumbing services include water line, sewer line, and irrigation line location services prior to digging or construction.

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