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Dionicio H.Dionicio H.

Great service, totally recommend!!!!!
Fixed a leak from a sink, very professional and available on a Saturday

Melanie B.Melanie B.

If you want a knowledgeable, reliable, timely and friendly plumbing company then Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing is for you. This is the second time I've...

David S.David S.

I received three estimates . Except for Blue Planet's estimate, the others were sky high to have one toilet and a kitchen sink installed. The estimates...

Alethea OteroAlethea Otero

Had an issue with a toilet backing up at a rental property on a holiday and was so thankful that Mike responded to my frantic phone call! Although he was on a current call he advised how soon he might be done and we made plans for him to be a backup while I was awaiting a response from the home warranty company. I hadn't heard back from the warranty company when Mike and I reconnected so he headed over right away. He explained what he was going to do and sent over images with a diagnoses within the hour. The diagnoses and repair were quick and very reasonable. His prompt response & actions have now secured Blue Planet for my future plumbing needs.

Spoke to Blue Planet's front office the next day to make the payment. Advised them that Mike could have easily declined my call and went home to enjoy the rest of his holiday. However, he came through and saved me out-of-pocket costs to put up the tenants in a hotel while waiting for the home warranty company to respond. Not only will I use Mike/Blue Planet for my future plumbing needs but also highly recommend them for yours.

Pros: Prompt response, communicative, professional, efficient
Cons: None!

William GalloWilliam Gallo

Yukio, the plumber who did the work, is a real professional. He explained what he was doing and offered alternative solutions. Also, he’s very personable and friendly. The company was easy to work with and the project was scheduled at a time convenient to me. I’d definitely call again on Blue Planet for my next plumbing needs.

Leslie McLaughlinLeslie McLaughlin

We had an intermittent water heating problems with our 14 yr. Old tankless water heater. After establishing with SDGE that we were getting appropriate gas to the unit, we called Blue Planet to perform an internal cleaning procedure recommended over the phone from the manufacturer. Our tech, Mike, was great! He patiently took apart the unit to get to the rods and burners that needed cleaning, gently cleaned each area and reassembled the unit. Mike is very experienced with tankless water heaters, and should this cleaning procedure not clear up this problem, we would have no worries about having Mike and Blue Planet install our new unit! After 14 years, we realize that may be the route we have to take. Thank you, Mike, and Blue Planet Drains and Plumbing. So far, we have plenty of hot water!

M JohnsonM Johnson

Cast iron sewer line and laterals in my 1959 San Diego house were shot. After getting bids from multiple companies to hydrojet then line the existing sewer lines, I called Blue Planet for a bid to pipe burst the existing lines and replace. I'm happy I decided to go with Blue Planet. Project lead Mike was great to work with and he and his assistant Yosio are incredibly hard workers. They had a great attitude, listened carefully, and also worked smoothly with the city inspector when he came to sign off on their work. At a fair price, Blue Planet replaced my original 3 inch main line with a brand new 4 inch line, and also replaced all the laterals with new pipe. They also added cleanouts on both ends of the sewer line and poured new concrete where they had to trench. After seeing the condition of the old pipes, I'm really glad I went with Blue Planet's pipe bursting approach rather than epoxy lining—which would have just put a veneer inside very bad pipes. Keep in mind that the pipe-bursting process is messy because you will have to dig holes on both ends of your sewer line run and anywhere you need to replace laterals. But when the work is done it's worth the temporary mess because it's a permanent solution that gives you brand new sewer lines no matter how old your house—so reassuring to know that my wastewater problems are solved for good. Would definitely recommend Blue Planet for your sewer line repairs!

Diana DuplainDiana Duplain

10000% Satisfied with the service and knowledge! My kitchen sink was overflowing and they came to the rescue! They were super efficient and even told me what to do to over the phone to prevent water damage before they arrived. Mike was very knowledgeable and friendly. My problem was fixed in no time! Definitely recommend to all my family and friends!

Recently our rental property was turning over and we thought we'd have the drains cleaned as a preventative measure. Not knowing anyone in the area a Google search showed Blue Planet had good reviews so we called them out. Manny from Blue Planet came out and was happy to clear the drains for us and he ran a camera down the main line which revealed roots in out main line. To keep a long story short, we discovered other plumbing related issues in this 62 year old Clairemont house and had Blue Planet take care of them all. They aren't the cheapest plumbing company around but we felt Manny was a straight shooter with us. Manny and his crew worked very hard, knew what they were doing and were respectful of us and our property. We will call on them again.

Jessica W. Spring Valley, CAJessica W. Spring Valley, CAYelp Review Click To See It On Yelp

I can not say enough good things about this company! What a breath of fresh air 🙂 We have been through so much with our sewer pipes, we constantly kept getting backed up and at the same time we were being charged an arm and a leg to unclog every time. Thousands of dollars later my husband and I decided that enough was enough and that we needed to fix this issue and be done with it. We decided to call 2 companies to have them come out and give us an estimate. We first called Rooter Hero which was a complete rip of! NEVER CALL THEM!!! They wanted to charge us $15K for replacing the pipes from the bathroom to the front lawn (only)....I nearly fainted when I heard that number. So when Blue Planet (Joshua and his crew) stopped by we didn't have much expectations except we were hoping to save a few thousand....well we ended up saving $7K by using them!!! They didn't cut any corners and it was clear that we had made the right decision. We are thrilled with the job they have performed! The crew completed the job in under 3 days and on the second day, they stayed until 11pm to finish the job so that I would not have to sleep in a hotel. Not only were they able to provide exceptional service but now I can breathe easy! Thanks Joshua & crew, you guys were excellent!!!

Called at 1 p.m., tech on site at 2:00 p.m. Brian was great. Fixed our leak under the house, and then returned to unclog our sink aerator when we thought something was wrong with his repair. Nothing wrong. Great job, great service, great attitude and reasonable price! Recommended!

Joshua from Blue Planet came to my house to give me an estimate to unclog my patio drain. I had one other estimate and although Joshua's price was higher, he said he would match the lower price in hopes of getting my future business. He also guaranteed that he would unplug the drain or there would be no charge, something the other company wouldn't do. I had previously had a rooter company try and fail to open up the pipe, but Joshua said they used a high pressure hose to do the job. I was skeptical. Long story short, they came out two days later and unclogged the drain in a little over an hour. During the rain storm this week it performed perfectly.

I just had my drains replaced. It wasn't cheap but I think that the price was fair. Blue Planet finished the entire job in two days and the people were great. It was a pleasure to have them working in our home. Many thanks to Anthony and his crew. I would recommend these guys.

Estean H. LenyounSudberry Properties



Mr. Miguel Cuevo
It was great speaking with you on Friday about the exceptional service offered by Rene and Joshua on January 7th at my home in la Jolla. As a businessman like yourself, we realize that the pace of the leader is the pace of the pack.
Well Miguel my friend – you are running a good Race at a great Pace. I will send an envelope with a couple of gift cards to thank Rene and Joshua, but know the important of recognition the guys will get from you after receiving this correspondence and I wanted to thank you and the guys before too much time slips by.
Please give Rene and Joshua my Thanks one again and thank Blue Planet for the integrity and excellence you have ignite in your team..
Miguel, well done my friend.
P.S. Laura, was most helpful and provided Excellent customer service as well.
Peace & Blessing to you, yours & your company.
Estean H. Lenyoun , Partner
Director of Urban Redevelopment

Blue Planet did a great job with my water heater! I would definatly recommend these guys, my water heater stopped working right before my family came into town and these guys fixed it same day and for a lot less than I thought. I've also used them to fix my drain and they unclogged it in less than 30. Definitely call them!

Really great service and fast! They came and got the job done while being respectful of our home. I'm not sure how much the service cost because I'm a renter, but the service was great and I'd use them in the future.

Blue Planet Plumbing is an awesome company with outstanding customer service. We had a complicated sink issue and received a very reasonable quote on a Friday. While trying to fix it between youth sports events on a Saturday, we ran into difficulties and needed to replace the entire faucet. We called them at 1:00 pm on a Saturday and they were there by 4:00 pm, replaced the faucet in two and a half hours at the same competitive rate. Their tech was terrific and very professional - he came back the following Tuesday and conducted a free home inspection for other areas like the hot water heater and other plumbing systems in the house. These guys don't advertise like the big San Diego plumbing companies, but they're twice as good at half the cost.

A few weeks ago we had a drain problem which caused a mini flood. We had another plumber sent out by my land lady and he supposedly "fixed" the problem. About a week and a half later we had another mini flood.We again called our land lady and she asked if we wanted the same plumber.I was like "heck no!" Not sure where she found this company but they were tons more professional.He explained the problem in a way my wife and i both understood.He even explained (without trying to make the other plumber look bad) why the other fix did not work. Not sure on prices because that was done on my landlady's end. When i was an apartment manager we used a variety of other plumbers. Blue Planet ranks pretty good with the others Ive used. I would definitely recommend them.

They were the only plumber in Chula Vista, who was able to come right away to my moms house to fix her drain/ plumbing issue. Miguel from Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing has been terrific. He got the job done very fast and I was able to use the online-coupon to save some money on her plumbing bill. I highly recommend Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing! If you are in Chula Vista or any of the other service areas, make sure you hire them! It's worth it. Thanks, Miguel.

I was using another plumber for my rental properties in Eastlake and always had a heck of a time getting them out for the appointment, plus they acted like I was bothering them. How delighted I was to find Blue Planet Plumbing. They are very responsive, they do a good job, their people are nice and they actually appreciate my business. With 4 rentals, each now over 12 years old I'm sure they will be getting a lot of my business.

Hector at Blue Planet is awesome! He came out to give an estimate for an unknown leak and did such a good job explaining everything that we went ahead and had him do the repairs. He was super patient and even took the time to explain how to fix small things ourselves. When there was a misunderstanding over the work order, he went ahead and took care of the problem. We will definitely ask for him the next time we have a plumbing problem!

I looked on Yelp and found Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing and gave them a call... I am so glad I did. They advised they were very busy but they could have someone at our house by 3:00pm. The Service Technician (Marco Valdouinos) showed up at our house shortly before 3:00pm and was extremely professional and courteous. He explained in detail what needed to be done to fix the leak and what it would cost. He was very open about their cost structure so I did not feel as though we were getting cheated or anything.

Kassie LiraKassie LiraSee It On Google

Very quick and professional company great customer service. I will continue using this company and will recommend this company anytime.

Bob BurlingameBob BurlingameSee It On Google

Just nice clean-cut guys that seemed to know what they were talking about, very(very) competitive pricing(I checked around), All is well with my re-piping and grateful that we finally have great water pressure.

Pamela D. El Cajon, CAPamela D. El Cajon, CASee It On Yelp

SIMPLY AMAZING!!  I had them out twice now and I cannot say enough from their same day call 1 hr tech to my house, to super fast efficient work!!  Marco and Joe both deserve a HUGE 5 stars for amazing customer service, no price gouging and superior work!!  Love this company will use only these folks for my plumbing needs!!

Kevin D. San Diego, CAKevin D. San Diego, CASee It On Yelp

Very quick and professional service.  Once I discovered my hot water tank had ruptured, they were at my house and had it replaced that afternoon!  I figured I could buy a tank at Home Depot for less, but with all of the extra parts and installation, it wasn't worth the time and hassle.   It was worth the money for the convenience.

John M.  Solana Beach, CAJohn M. Solana Beach, CASee It On Yelp

I am very pleased with the service and quality I received from Blue Planet. Marco was the epitome of a professional and took the time to explain everything in detail before starting repairs. I was impressed with the attention to detail and the finishing touches of everything lining up symmetrically and placed with the thoughtfulness and care of an artist at his craft. You don't often see that kind of dedication and attention these days