canstockphoto8566964 Expert Plumbing Pipe Repair and Re-Piping

When old galvanized pipes start to corrode they can cause serious health risks. The deposits and the rust in the old water pipes can make its way into the tap water affecting the quality of the water you use in your household. Since we use water for cooking, showers, washing clothes pipe corrosion becomes a serious health hazard especially for small children. It is a good idea to contact a professional plumber that is experienced in plumbing pipe repairs.

Common Signs of pipe corrosion are Smelly or rusty water, pipe splits, slab leaks, galvanized pipe leaks, water discoloration. Also you will notice a significant amount of reduced water pressure that will cause your washing machine take longer to fill and really weak shower water pressure. If you are experiencing these problems you should consider re-piping.

Copper Re-piping

Copper re-piping is one of the best methods of correcting the problems that are caused by galvanized pipes. Copper does not rust. It is also light in weight and durable. Copper is flexible so it can be bend to fit the area that is being repaired. Full copper re-piping is a great way to restore the health and vitality of your water supply system.

Pex Re-piping

PEX piping has been certified for use in California and is a great solution with many different functions. PEX tube is non-corrosive; it is quite flexible so it would not burst. It is easy to use or repair which is why these tubing systems are increasingly being used for various plumbing purposes. PEX piping can be easily bent and can be easily installed with fewer fittings. its quieter then copper piping and will not rust or corrode it’s installed in new homes today and has been for the last ten years.

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