5 Benefits of Regular Drain Maintenance for Your Home

Dirty drains leave your home vulnerable to structural damage. Regular drain cleaning will help detect minor problems before they grow.

Many homeowners do not consider drain cleaning until avoidable problems emerge. The blindspot in your home routine can lead to significant damage and higher bill payments.

You can conduct preventative maintenance on your own. However, hiring a great plumber for drain cleaning in San Diego yields the best results. Drain cleaning is an investment, but these five benefits prove a drain cleaning routine is worth the effort.

Less Plumbing Emergencies

Homeowners primarily hire a plumber for maintenance or to address an emergency. Delaying on drain cleaning services increases the likelihood of a future plumbing emergency.

Plumbing emergencies such as a burst pipe or a sewer back-up can soak floors, walls, and personal belongings. Proper drain cleaning and maintenance help you avoid those scenarios.

Drain maintenance services will protect you from the worst-case plumbing scenarios. Drain cleaning is even more valuable if your home insurance policy does not cover flood damage.

Improve Drain Life

Unattended drains get filled with calcium deposits. These deposits destroy your drains from the inside and can lead to a plumbing emergency.

Drain cleaning eliminates calcium deposits before they become a problem. Large calcium deposits within your drains can require house gutting and drain pipe replacements. Drain cleaning and maintenance allow you to evade those expenses.

Your Nostrils Will Thank You

Not only will drain cleaning aid your wallet, but you may notice fewer odors in the house. Odors slowly emerge within homes over time, and clogged pipes are a common cause.

Without proper drain cleaning, your pipes will accumulate mold and bacteria. This build-up will fill your home with nasty odors. Drain cleaning can eliminate this accumulated mass and result in a pleasant smell.

A Lower Water Bill

Lowering your water bill isn’t as simple as turning off the sink after washing your hands. Leaky pipes lead to water waste that never makes it out of the faucet.

Not only does this water never leave the faucet, but it also increases your water bill. The water bill increase is a sign of things to come. The wasted water ends up in your house and can cause considerable damage without proper draining maintenance.

Say Goodbye to Pesky Clogs

Drain cleaning allows water to flow through pipes efficiently. A proper drain cleaning routine will stop water build-ups from taking place in your sink and toilet.

Unattended clogs cause significant problems. A pipe replacement is the only solution in some cases. Clean your pipes, so you don’t resort to making a replacement.

Get Help With Your Drain Maintenance

Drain cleaning is a vital part of home maintenance. The small cost helps you avoid considerable expenditures and headaches in the future.

Drain cleaning is a skill most suitable for professional plumbers. If you’re looking for drain maintenance services, contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.