What Is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

You’re about to go to sleep, so you go to the bathroom, get ready, and then hop into bed, snuggled into your blanket. But then you hear your toilet running and running, and then, you hear the dreaded sound of an overflowing toilet!

Of course, you’re now in a panic, trying to save your beautiful flooring from nasty water. One of your first thoughts is to call the best plumbing company around to get things fixed.

Is this considered a plumbing emergency though? If not, then what does? Read on to find out more about each type of plumbing mishap scenario to see if they’re actually emergencies or not.

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can certainly feel like an emergency, but hold on a second before you pick up the phone for emergency plumbing service.

Take a deep breath and lift the tank’s lever to stop water flow, and then plunge the toilet a few times if needed. This might be all it takes to clear the clog, which can save you tons of money in emergency services.

If your toilet is truly clogged and you need a pro’s touch, you can resort to just using your second bathroom if you have one. Calling a plumber in the daytime will be much more affordable.

Leaking Pipe

Leaks are considered plumbing emergencies. The only exception is if it’s a small leak that’s just barely dripping. This means dripping faucets that keep you awake at night.

If the leak’s not too bad and it’s not ruining things right away, then that’s not an emergency. However, you’ll want someone to repair it ASAP so the issue doesn’t become a bigger and more pressing one.

Broken Water Heater

This isn’t really an emergency, especially if the weather’s warm. Even if you’re in the midst of winter, San Diego winters are pretty mild, so you’ll be able to get through it as just a minor inconvenience at the most.

If it’s broken down in the middle of the night, just hunker down and call a plumber in the morning to have them fix your water heater. You’ll avoid high emergency costs this way.

Backed-up Sewage

Backed-up sewage is always an emergency. You’re dealing with raw human waste, which means you can get sick and even die if it gets bad enough.

If you’ve had raw sewage come back up, then you need to call an emergency plumber straight away.

Call a Pro for Your Plumbing Emergency

If you’ve realized that you have a plumbing emergency after reading this article, then don’t wait another second. Blue Planet is here to serve you 24/7 and we have quick response times. We’ll even thoroughly clean up the problem area after we’re done.

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