Your Pipe Maintenance Guide to the Best Drain Cleaner

Is your toilet bubbling or water draining slowly from the bathtub or sink? Or maybe you can smell a pungent odor from the drains. If experiencing this, your drains could be clogged.

A clogged drain is one of the most infuriating problems to handle in your home. A clogged drain can occur in your toilet, sink, tub, or even shower, causing a lot of disruption in your home.

But do you know you can unblock the drain yourself? Well, you need the best drain cleaner.

A top-quality drain cleaner dislodges clogs in the bathtubs, sink, showers, and toilets. Drain cleaners will also eliminate that fetid odor in your house. They offer fast results by dissolving the sludge, hair, or other debris blocking the drain.

So, you are thinking of getting a drain cleaner? Wait, it’s important to get an easy-to-use and safe drain cleaner. Read more to know which is the best drain cleaner for you.

Acid vs. Alkaline Drain Cleaners

Are your drain clogs stubborn? Do you need a powerful drain cleaner? Acidic drain cleaners are the solution.

Typically, acidic drain cleaners have a high concentration of sulfuric acid. Through hydrolysis, these drain cleaners dissolve scum, hair, and other debris. They are very powerful and can easily clean stubborn clogs.

Contrary to acidic cleaners, alkaline drain cleaners are not corrosive. These cleaners utilize lye as the primary component. Even though not as strong as the acidic cleaners, they can clean the drain without any corrosion.

Different parts of your home get different types of clogs. Kitchen sinks are likely to be clogged with food remains and grease. In the bathroom sink, hair, soap residue, and toothpaste are the main culprits.

Before buying a drain cleaner, have an idea about the kind of clog they are to remove. An alkaline cleaner may be effective compared to an acidic cleaner depending on the type of clog.

Best Drain Cleaner Class Also Include Gel vs. Liquid Cleaners

Do you know the most common drain cleaners are liquid and gel-based? If you have tried unclogging your drains, it could be you used these cleaners.

The gel-based drain cleaners will spend more time in the drain and can be effective for an extended period. However, liquid-based cleaners don’t take much time in the drains, and they go down quickly.

These two types of drain cleaners have almost similar results. Their choice depends on the type of drain clog you are experiencing.

If none of these solves the issue, you may consider a professional drain-cleaning service.

Use Effective Drain Cleaners if You Are Experiencing Drain Clog

A drain clog is one of the most common yet frustrating home maintenance issues. However, with the best drain cleaners, you can effortlessly solve this problem. What if you have tried different drain cleaners without success?

It’s time to find the right plumbing company to help you out.

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