Protect Your Plumbing From Your Pets

Many pet owners understand that their plumbing can present bad health effects for their pets, but did you know that your pet may negatively impact your plumbing? Here’s a few ways it can happen and what you can do to avoid calling a plumber out:

Be Watchful of Diggers!

watchful diggers If your dog enjoys digging, you should keep account of where and how often the digging occurs. Why? Some homeowners have plumbing lines that are easily accessible due to being shallowly laid. This is usually done in places where the ground is hard and excavating dirt and rock is difficult. If you’re not carefully, you’re dog can expose a plumbing line and find a very expensive chew toy.


indoor baths If your pet is house broken and generally gets a bath inside the home, it is wise to invest in a drain strainer. Pet hair usually is longer and thicker than human hair; therefore, it can mat and cause clogs easily when introduced to drains. As your dog sheds hairs in the tub, these will collect and make their way down your plumbing. A strainer can prevent clogs by catching the hair before it clogs your drain.

Serial Toilet Flushers

serial toilet flushers Do you have a highly intelligent cat or dog?  Then you may want to make sure that the toilets are closed while you are away from home or asleep.  We’ve recovered a variety of mystery items from toilet drains that no sober human would ever flush down the toilet.  However, sometimes pets learn to put items in the toilet and pull the lever.

Did you catch this blog too late and your pet has already caused a plumbing issue?  Don’t worry, just give us a call.  We’ll get your drains back in working order.  Our residential and commercial plumbing services include drain cleaning, slab leak repair (including leak detection), water heater installation, and a host of other common plumbing issues.