Gas Line Re-piping

Do You Need Gas Line Re-piping?

The installation of natural or propane gas systems ensures timely and adequate supply of gas to appliances using the fuel source. Some of these appliances include outdoor grills, water heaters, dryers and fireplaces. Whichever it is, there is always the need to ensure that the gas line pipes are in good working condition. With most of these gas systems made up of galvanized steel materials, it is very important to have malfunctioning or leaking pipes replaced with high quality steel or corrugated flexible pipes.
Except you are a trained professional, gas line repiping should be specifically left for the professionals. This is especially considering the processes in involved in re-piping. The question then is, how do you determine when your home needs gas line re-piping? There are several reasons why it may be necessary for this process to be carried out in your home.

Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Irregular supply of gas
  • Low gas pressure
  • Pipe leakages


When you are experiencing any of these, there is every possibility that the quality of your gas pipes has been compromised and as such, re-piping becomes a necessity. This compromise in quality could be caused by the use of low quality pipes in the initial piping or corrosion caused by mineral deposits within the location of the pipes. In order to better control the damages at the initial stage, homeowners should be acquainted with the above mentioned signs of pipe degeneration.
It does not matter whether the gas line re-piping is for your new outdoor gas grill or for existing gas pipe, you will need to find professionals that will carry out evaluation and proper installation of new gas pipes according to local ordinances. Blue Planet is the premier local plumber that offering drain cleaning, slab leak repair and leak detection services to San Diego County. Our residential and commercial plumbing services include drain cleaning, slab leak repair (including leak detection), water heater installation, and a host of other common plumbing issues.