El Nino and Your Plumbing

On December 1, all of the mayors of San Diego County requested that the Governor declare a state of emergency in expectation of El Nino storms. In fact, many areas that present flood problems have been worked on to minimize problems the storms will produce.
In short: El Nino is coming. Are you prepared?
The excessive water will affect plumbing throughout the area. However, if your plumbing is experiencing problems now or has not received maintenance in sometime, it may cost you during the storms. Here are a few things that you may want to do before the heavy rains appear.


There are a number of plumbing areas in your home or business that can benefit from maintenance before the worst of the storm season.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning – When storm waters surge the area, high levels of sediment and debris can back up into your pipes and sewers. If you already have buildup in your plumbing, problems can be compounded. A good drain or sewer cleaning will prevent such issues and could save you from expensive cleanups.
Pipe Inspections – Heavy flooding causes weak drainage pipes to fail due to the added pressure. Having a plumber identify weak or corroding pipes will help you to avoid broken pipes down the line. This is especially helpful when the storms come and others are scrambling to get a broken pipe fixed. If a pipe is found that may break, ask your local plumber about pipe repair and re-piping.


Be sure to thoroughly clean roof drains, gutters, other channel drains around your home and business. If these are not functioning correctly, they will not redirect the excessive water from storms away from foundations. Faulty drains and gutters can negatively impact your foundation and lead to slab leaks.
Remember preparation is always better than reacting to a problem during storm season!