10 Ways to Avoid a Plumbing Crisis

avoid plumbing crisis Here are ten things you should remember to save yourself from a plumbing crisis:

  1. Learn where to shut off the water – You can stop the main water supply to your home from the meter. There are separate valves to turn it off and on, so learn where they are and how they are operated.
  2. Know what the readings on your water meter and water bill mean – You can make sure your usage matches the billed amount and detect leaks more easily this way.
  3. Find out the water pressure in your home – Buy a water pressure gauge to ensure the pressure stays less than 80 psi. High water pressure is the most common cause for leaks.
  4. Learn the location of the sewage system’s clean-out plugs – For both septic and sewers, you can handle clogging easily if you know where the clean-out plugs are.
  5. Make sure the condensation lines for your air conditioning are functioning – Mold and water damage to your home may occur if condensation doesn’t drain properly.
  6. Learn how to stop the gas supply – You can save a lot of time and effort by shutting the main supply before fixing a gas appliance.
  7. Learn to shut water supply to your water heater – If there’s an issue with the water heater, you should know where to turn off its water supply so that you can still use water instead of completely cutting off all supply.
  8. Keep a pan beneath your water heater, and make sure there isn’t a leak in the valve for pressure relief – The pan will help prevent damage that might cost you a lot. If the pressure relief valve is leaking, there may be a major issue with it.
  9. Find the valves on each plumbing fixture for shutting them off – Avoid plumbing disasters by knowing where these valves are located.
  10. Learn to cut off water supply to every plumbing fixture – You can prevent water damage to everything else by shutting water to the problematic appliance.Be Watchful of Diggers!


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