Why Professional Plumbing Tools Trump Store Bought Products?

Speaking from professional experience, clogged drains make up a large percentage of our residential calls.  It shouldn’t be a surprise because there are shelves of products specifically designed to unclog plumbing drains.


Store bought drain cleaning products cannot perform the same job as professional plumbing tools.

We cannot overstate this enough.  Over the course of this blog, we will prove why this is the case.  If you are dealing with a problematic clog and need immediate assistance, call Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing at (858) 914-4696.

The Problem With Store-Bought Plumbing Solutions

Just as a skilled carpenter wouldn’t approach a repair with only a hammer and nails, a professional plumber never fixes plumbing issues the same way.  Nevertheless, store-bought drain cleaning agents and tools attempt to be a “cookie cutter” fix.  Every drain cleanser’s aim is to soften the clog, while drain snakes (typically rented) aim to puncture clogs.

These solutions only restore a flow of the drain but do not address the residuals left behind in the drain.  This is problematic because most clogs build up over time.  If the residual parts of the clog remain, chances are that it will happen again sooner than later.  A cycle of clog cleaning occurs, and unsuspecting homeowners will need to keep purchasing clog removing products.

What Blue Planet Plumbers Do Differently

One of the main differences with our service is directly related to training.  Our plumbing technicians understand the capabilities of each tool they use.  Additionally, they are well aware of the tolerances of different type of plumbing pipes.  We make use of plumbing technologies that are not at the disposal of do-it-yourselfers and handymen.  Some the equipment that we use includes:

  • Video pipe inspection cameras
  • Hydro-Jetting systems
  • Motorized Snakes

With better tools and training, Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing guarantees that your drain will perform at its best.  We also can verify that all vestiges of clogs are removed.

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