Water Efficient Fixtures

Water Sense Logo Water Conservation = $18 Billion Annually

The Environmental Protection Agency calculates that the US would save over $18 billion annually if Americans would switch to water efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances. That number equates to roughly 3 trillion gallons of water. Water is a precious commodity in California. As droughts continue and natural water sources dwindle, we can all do our part to help negate water waste. Professional plumbers assist with water conservation with drain cleaning, leak detection, and slab leak repair. However, investing in smarter plumbing systems is one way we all can collectively aid Californian water conservation. Here are a few items that can save thousands of gallons per household annually. All of these are available at your local plumber, Blue Planet.

Water Efficient Fixtures & Appliances

There are a number of highly water efficient plumbing products that are available. One way you can recognize them is by looking for the Watersense label. These labels certify that the product meets EPA regulated water efficiency and performance criteria.


Toilets account for nearly 30% of a household’s water consumption. Inefficient toilets use several gallons of water per flush. Modern water efficient toilets use no more than 1.3 gallons per flush. There are also dual flush toilets that give users options of water usage.

Showerheads & Faucets

Daily water conservation is easily found via showerheads and faucets. Efficient showerheads can reduce water usage by 70% in some cases. Showerheads can also reduce a water heater’s demand.
If you have questions about incorporating water conservative products, we can help you find answers. Blue Planet does not endorse any plumbing manufacturer over another.