Why Did My Slab Leak Happen?

Common Causes of Slab Leaks in San Diego County

We have performed a variety of slab leak repair jobs and several of our customers have asked us several questions about them.  When a leak detection affirms the worst, most want to know how their slab leak happened.  A slab leak occurs when a plumbing system begins to leak into or underneath the foundation (or slab) of a residence or building.  The cause of the slab leak usually develops due to a construction flaw, abrasion from long-term pulsation, shifting ground, or corrosion.  We’ll take a brief look at each to get a better understanding of why they happen.

Slab leaks from corrosion:

Pipes underground are into contact with soil and water.  As water flows through the pipes, sometimes the soil is charged which results in electrolysis.  Electrolysis, in turn, increases pipe corrosion that results in holes and leaks.  How did the ground become charged?  In most occasions, underground electrical lines running near the area are responsible.  Yet, other sources of electrical energy are possible.  As a rule of thumb, hot water pipes corrode from the outside while cold water pipes corrode from the inside.

Slab leaks from abrasion

A good slab construction has good spacing and insulation for plumbing.  When these are absent pipes suffer from abrasion due to vibrations.  Every time water flows through your plumbing it vibrates.  If the pipe is against an abrasive substance, it may develop weak points that turn into leaks.

Slab leaks from pressure

Earthquakes and sudden shifts can exert great amounts of pressure that crush, pinch, or crack underground pipes.  If pipes are not spaced and insulated properly, they are highly susceptible to such pressures.

Construction Defect

On some occasions, building contractors have made mistakes in the foundation workmanship.  Due to this, shifting, cracking, and other abnormalities occur that eventually create plumbing leaks.  Usually when a foundation construction defect is present it is necessary to have foundation plumbing rework.

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