Saving Money & Water Conservation

In California, water conservation is essential to our future.  Droughts have plagued California the past few years and the scarcity of water in severely affecting the state’s agriculture.  As plumbers, we understand that much of our water waste is solvable via the use of efficient water fixtures.  There are numerous products that you can find or that a local plumber can order that can significantly improve your home or businesses water conservation.

Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing assists all of our customers to save money while conserving water.  Are you located in Bonita, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Encinitas, La Jolla, Lakeside, Oceanside, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, or Rancho Santa Fe?  Call us today if you want assistance with your plumbing that saves water and your money.  (858) 914-4696.

New State Plumbing Legislature

State legislature recently passed a bill (effective January 1, 2014) that affects all homeowners with homes built before 1994 undergoing alternations.  They will need to update to water efficient plumbing fixtures. In 2017, the law will apply to all buildings regardless of alterations

Toilets, Showerheads, and Faucets

The easiest plumbing fixtures that we can have changed immediately are toilets, showerheads, and faucets.  These items amount to over 50% of our daily water usage.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has developed standardized criteria for water efficiency in plumbing fixtures.  Those that meet these standards are able to carry the Water Sense certification label.  All Water Sense certified products are in accord with the 2013 California Plumbing Code.  If you need more information about becoming compliant with the CPC, contact us, and we will get your questions answered.

Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing can help you to save money on your water bill.  If you have a plumbing problem, project or question, give us call a call at (858) 914-4696.