The Public Water In San Diego

What is in San Diego’s Public Water

Ever wondered what is actually in the water that you use at home?  The main water source for the city of San Diego is the Colorado River and the Bay Delta of northern part of the state. Although the water is filtered through the San Diego municipal water system, you may be surprised about the what is reaching your home.  Now before you get alarmed, we must state that just because a water contaminant is in a municipal water source, it doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous to your health.  Here is a consolidated listing of the major substances found in San Diego’s public water system:


There are several types of bacteria that can make humans sick.  These are judiciously treated by water departments.  In San Diego, the water distribution system averages 0.1% of water with harmful bacteria.  The accepted level is much higher, making San Diego tap water some of the best in the State.


Lead is very toxic for human consumption.  In California, the maximum allowed is .02 ppb.  In laymen terms, that mean 2 parts per billion or basically a single drop in an Olympic pool of water.  Water treatment plants do an excellent job of removing lead.  Most traces of lead found in household water come from a residence’s lead pipes.


Although it’s not a contaminant, fluoride is added to public water supplies to reduce tooth decay by protecting them from demineralization.  The California Assembly Bill 73 requires that all Californian water suppliers that have more than 10,000 connections must fluoride their water.

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