Why Hire an Eco-Friendly Plumber?

Our drought in San Diego County is finally over.  Six years was long enough.  Over the past decade, businesses and residents have endured, and hopefully, the lesson has been learned.  Water conservation must be a way of life for our community—we’ve seen what happens when it is ignored.

Plumbing can have a dramatic effect upon the conservation of earth’s fresh water resources.  However, those in the plumbing industry must embrace water conservatory techniques and strategies.  At Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing we take water conservation methods and procedures seriously.  Here’s why you should too.


Eco-plumbing techniques and products reduce water waste, thereby saving you money in utility billing.  Furthermore, there are numerous green incentives available in the form of tax credits, rebates, and tax exemptions.  Businesses and residential customers can contact CVWD about its Water Wise Landscape Rebates & DiscountsContact us if you have questions about getting water-efficient products and installing them.


Since everyone uses natural resources and contributes to waste and pollution, it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to earth’s sustainability.  Hiring a plumber that utilizes sustainable practices is one way to make a difference.


The addition of technically advanced, eco-friendly products to one’s home or business raises the value of the structure and increases its appeal to potential buyers.  Businesses can also benefit from marketing its support of green strategies.


Green plumbing products are also aligned with healthier living concepts.  As harmful toxins, chemicals, and other substances are significantly reduced in green plumbing, it is a win-win for the individual and the environment.

Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing takes pride in providing ecologically safe and efficient services to our customers.  We work in harmony with the California Department of Water Resources to restore, protect, and enhance California’s natural water sources.  As a comprehensive local plumber, we furnish a number of services including drain cleaning, slab leak repair, leak detection, local plumber, water heater repair, water heater installation, and water filtration systems work.