Authorized Halo Water Filtration System Installation San Diego

Water is one of the most important resources on Earth and is essential to life.  Although there are trillions of gallons water on Earth, only a tiny fraction of it is fresh and safe for human consumption.  How fresh is the water you are using in your home?  The answer may surprise you.  Much of the “fresh” water provided through public water systems has several chemicals in it that over time can be harmful to your health.  However, there is a way to fix this problem.

Whole House Water Filtration

Blue Planet Drains and Plumbing is now an installer of one of the best whole house water filtration systems in the world—Halo Systems.  This US Manufacturer has developed an amazing line of water filtration products that treat water effectively and safely.  We have seen the stark differences in the water quality of homes and businesses that utilize the Halo 5 filtration product.

What is Halo 5?

Halo 5 is a maintenance free, whole home water filtration and conditioning system.  The system is comprised of 5 interrelated water treatment stages that ensure the cleanest water possible.  One Halo 5 unit has the capability of treating 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 gallons of water per household (which will last a typical household of 4 to six people 10 years).  No other whole home filtration system comes close to matching the Halo 5 in terms of longevity and maintenance.  Read here for further details about Halo 5. Blue Planet would love to walk you through all the advantages of installing a Halo system into your home or business.  If you have questions or need a quote, feel free to call us.  We can even come out to you and show you how we’ll set it up while answering any questions you may have.  Blue Planet looks forward to helping you get the best water quality available!

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Brian F. San Diego

Blue Planet did a great job with my water heater! I would definatly recommend these guys, my water heater stopped working right before my family came into town and these guys fixed it same day and for a lot less than I thought. I've also used them to fix my drain and they unclogged it in less than 30. Definitely call them!

Miss Fancy Z. San Diego

Really great service and fast! They came and got the job done while being respectful of our home. I'm not sure how much the service cost because I'm a renter, but the service was great and I'd use them in the future.

Eric B. Chula Vista, CA

Blue Planet Plumbing is an awesome company with outstanding customer service. We had a complicated sink issue and received a very reasonable quote on a Friday. While trying to fix it between youth sports events on a Saturday, we ran into difficulties and needed to replace the entire faucet. We called them at 1:00 pm on a Saturday and they were there by 4:00 pm, replaced the faucet in two and a half hours at the same competitive rate. Their tech was terrific and very professional - he came back the following Tuesday and conducted a free home inspection for other areas like the hot water heater and other plumbing systems in the house. These guys don't advertise like the big San Diego plumbing companies, but they're twice as good at half the cost.

Pete C. San Diego, CA

A few weeks ago we had a drain problem which caused a mini flood. We had another plumber sent out by my land lady and he supposedly "fixed" the problem. About a week and a half later we had another mini flood.We again called our land lady and she asked if we wanted the same plumber.I was like "heck no!" Not sure where she found this company but they were tons more professional.He explained the problem in a way my wife and i both understood.He even explained (without trying to make the other plumber look bad) why the other fix did not work. Not sure on prices because that was done on my landlady's end. When i was an apartment manager we used a variety of other plumbers. Blue Planet ranks pretty good with the others Ive used. I would definitely recommend them.

Janja W. Vista, CA

They were the only plumber in Chula Vista, who was able to come right away to my moms house to fix her drain/ plumbing issue. Miguel from Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing has been terrific. He got the job done very fast and I was able to use the online-coupon to save some money on her plumbing bill. I highly recommend Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing! If you are in Chula Vista or any of the other service areas, make sure you hire them! It's worth it. Thanks, Miguel.

Chris L. La Mesa

I was using another plumber for my rental properties in Eastlake and always had a heck of a time getting them out for the appointment, plus they acted like I was bothering them. How delighted I was to find Blue Planet Plumbing. They are very responsive, they do a good job, their people are nice and they actually appreciate my business. With 4 rentals, each now over 12 years old I'm sure they will be getting a lot of my business.

Tina K. San Diego

Hector at Blue Planet is awesome! He came out to give an estimate for an unknown leak and did such a good job explaining everything that we went ahead and had him do the repairs. He was super patient and even took the time to explain how to fix small things ourselves. When there was a misunderstanding over the work order, he went ahead and took care of the problem. We will definitely ask for him the next time we have a plumbing problem!

Aron W. Chula Vista

I looked on Yelp and found Blue Planet Drains & Plumbing and gave them a call... I am so glad I did. They advised they were very busy but they could have someone at our house by 3:00pm. The Service Technician (Marco Valdouinos) showed up at our house shortly before 3:00pm and was extremely professional and courteous. He explained in detail what needed to be done to fix the leak and what it would cost. He was very open about their cost structure so I did not feel as though we were getting cheated or anything.

Kassie Lira

Very quick and professional company great customer service. I will continue using this company and will recommend this company anytime.

Bob Burlingame

Just nice clean-cut guys that seemed to know what they were talking about, very(very) competitive pricing(I checked around), All is well with my re-piping and grateful that we finally have great water pressure.

Pamela D. El Cajon, CA

SIMPLY AMAZING!!  I had them out twice now and I cannot say enough from their same day call 1 hr tech to my house, to super fast efficient work!!  Marco and Joe both deserve a HUGE 5 stars for amazing customer service, no price gouging and superior work!!  Love this company will use only these folks for my plumbing needs!!

Kevin D. San Diego, CA

Very quick and professional service.  Once I discovered my hot water tank had ruptured, they were at my house and had it replaced that afternoon!  I figured I could buy a tank at Home Depot for less, but with all of the extra parts and installation, it wasn't worth the time and hassle.   It was worth the money for the convenience.

John M. Solana Beach, CA

I am very pleased with the service and quality I received from Blue Planet. Marco was the epitome of a professional and took the time to explain everything in detail before starting repairs. I was impressed with the attention to detail and the finishing touches of everything lining up symmetrically and placed with the thoughtfulness and care of an artist at his craft. You don't often see that kind of dedication and attention these days


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